Australia Virtual


  • Virtual Proxy Server in Australia
  • Physically located in an Australian datacenter
  • 25GB monthly bandwidth


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What is a Virtual Proxy Server?

Spiderly’s Virtual Proxy Servers are built with our own custom software (Squid is so last century!), which means it’s fast, secure and reliable. You share the server with up to two other customers.

We try our best to avoid allocating the same type of customers to any single virtual proxy, meaning, if we know you’re going to be pulling data from a particular target occasionally, we’ll try avoid putting you on servers where other customers are doing the same.

This decreases the chance of slow downs and blocks but as with all virtual proxies, you may sometimes experience less speed and increased chance of block rates in comparison to Dedicated Proxies.

What are Virtual Proxy Servers for?

We recommend Virtual Proxy Servers for customers who are running operations that have less demanding requirements such as ranking apps running ad hoc reporting, checking websites from your browser etc.

How many do I need?

This depends on the size of your project/application, the site/s you are targeting and how quickly you need your data returned.

We provide a standard set of guidelines for the most common targets which will calculate the approximate number you’ll require based on your own needs. Just get in touch and let us know a few details and we can advise you.

Why are your Spiderly proxies better than cheaper (and more expensive) providers?

Many low cost proxy suppliers use extremely cheap servers and blacklisted sequential IP addresses (Have you ever tried a 50ยข proxy?), have very low bandwidth allocations and have terrible customer support (if any!).

We promise:

  • Quality proxy servers built on time tested custom software successfully used for the last 10 years to gather billions of gigabytes of web data
  • Extremely diverse network
  • All of our servers are guaranteed to be physically located in the country they state they are, no location database trickery
  • Our customer support team can be contacted 24/7/365 and usually respond within the hour
  • We never use residential proxies. Your targets will not recognise the difference between a home connection and our advanced proxies.
  • Our senior team have nearly a decades experience within data mining, proxies and scaling SaaS applications to over 100,000 worldwide users. Basically, we really know what we’re doing
  • We’re enterprise only. If black hat and spam is your thing, please leave now

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